Our Fear of Day Care

I can’t imagine dropping my son off at daycare and that being the last time I see him alive.

When my husband and I decided that we wanted to have a baby, we knew that many sacrifices will have to be made. With both of us in school trying to finish our bachelors degrees and knowing that we did not want our baby in daycare, we had to compromise. My husband wanted me to continue with school and stay home with our son.

Yes, that meant that bills will be paid but we would not have much money to spare. But that was okay, we were going to make it work for our baby.

Just recently, a toddler died suffocated at a day-care. While this did not appear to be intentional, it is an accident that could have been prevented. Why didn’t staff realize the child was missing? How many staff members take care of how many kids? These children are toddlers and require a lot of attention. I notice it with just one child, my child, so I can’t imagine having to keep an eye on 5-10 kids.

Children are defenseless and especially toddlers who cannot even communicate if they are being harmed. Surveillance videos from various daycares have served as proof of the harm being done to innocent children.

Many parents cannot afford to not work, or do not have a trusting family member that will take care of their child(ren), therefore daycare is their only option. Parents take their kids to these daycares trusting that the staff will care for them as professional caregivers.

And although not all daycares are committing these atrocities, our decision to keep our child out of unnecessary harm’s way was the best decision we’ve made for the well being of our son.

2 thoughts on “Our Fear of Day Care

  1. Girl, I am right there with you! I have the same fears and we are keeping our daughter out of daycare as well just for this reason. I’m an older adult and this is our first and only child. It is DEFINITELY a sacrifice but one we consider necessary at this time. Thank you so much for this post! I am not the only one that feels this way and it’s validating.


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