Society Is Against Boys:Stop Saying “Boys Will Be Boys”


This video makes valid points about society’s point of view on boys.

Just because he gets spaghetti sauce all over his face doesn’t mean it’s just because he is “being a boy.” It just means he is a 2-year-old child who hasn’t mastered the skill of feeding himself.

Some months ago I posted this same picture of Noah on Instagram using the hashtag #boyswillbeboys. This hashtag has over one million hits on Instagram alone. So I sat back and thought about how carelessly we use that phrase.

NO! Let’s not raise our boys allowing them to think that being rough is okay because they are boys. That guns and weapons are “cool” because society always emphasizes weapons on that macho male figure. That boys are “dumber than girls.” That they don’t learn at the same pace as girls. That girls are more likely to succeed and boys are underachievers. That books are for “nerds” and therefore our boys shy away from them because the girls don’t like “nerds.”

These are all stereotypes that our society has formulated and are stopping our young men from reaching their full potential of success.

I don’t want to raise my son under all of these negative stereotypes that make boys inferior.

As a woman and mother of a boy, I want to raise him to love literature because it will expand his mind. To love dancing because music and rhythm are great coping skills. I want him to be loving and caring without thinking that it will be confused as weakness. I will make sure to encourage him to want to excel in the classroom because that will get him far in life. I want to make sure that I teach him how to respect not just girls but everyone and everything in the world.

That notion of “boys will be boys” is what creates closed-minded men and I refuse to raise my boy to be that way.

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

-Muhammad Ali

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