1-2-3 What Will This Halloween Bring

I am one hell of a crafty person and I believe that everything is pretty much a DIY project.

My mom always told me, “If you have a little girl, there are so many cute things you can make for her and dress her up however you want.”

Well. . . I get to do all of that with my BOY!


3-month-old Noah at his cousin’s Halloween birthday party.

There’s a funny anecdote behind this particular costume. As a nursing momma, I’ve always felt like a cow, so I decided that just for one day, HE would be the cow.

I used a plain white onesie and printed cow print on an iron-on sheet. Then, I cut the spots out and ironed them on. Since Noah refused to take any bottles at all, I used the nipples that we had and glued them on(reinforced them by lightly sewing them on).

That little hat had those ears on it already but I ironed on a small pink spot on each ear and glued it together to get the pointy ear effect.


Trick-Or-Treat at the mall with my popcorn box.

Chicago and its lovely weather graced us with a rainy, windy and super cold Halloween that year so we had no choice but to go show off his costume at the local mall.

With this one, all I did was wrap red felt on the baby carrier and add white felt stripes. The popcorn decal I printed on the computer and glued it all together with the hot glue gun.

And that HAT! Awwww that hat. Well, I glued real popcorn on there to add that real-effect aroma to the costume. Haha.


John Deere tractor costume inspired by Pinterest



By the way, he had started walking two months prior to this costume so you can only imagine how he handled it.

Recent walking skills + a big ole box hanging from his 21lb little body.

What will he be this year? 




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