From Incomplete YouTube Clips To The Full CD Collection:Teaching Noah ASL

Photo:Baby Signing Time website

As a stay-at-home mom, I found Netflix to be a reliable companion when Noah was a baby. I would browse the entire site to find new shows that had more than a few seasons so I could binge-watch. This is how I found the tv series Switched at Birth and where the curiosity to learn and teach Noah American Sign Language came from.

Yes, the many different hand gestures and movements looked difficult but it also amazed us how one can conversate and communicate without speaking.

So we did research on the subject and from what we were finding, it was said to benefit both, the child and the parents. That it was easier for parents to communicate with their young child if they knew how to sign and it would make communication less stressful for the child.

So at 6-months old, we were playing baby signing videos for Noah,on YouTube.

I was very skeptical because I did not want to introduce the television to him at that age but half hour daily would suffice, I thought.

By nine months, Noah was signing for milk, more, mommy and daddy. We continued with these short videos on YouTube until we decided that this year, for his second birthday, we would buy him the DVD collection.

It was definitely worth spending a little over $100 on this 5-CD bundle. We really see it as an investment in our child’s education since we notice how quickly he picks up new sign words.

These complete videos are so colorful and the songs are very lively. The instructor makes the signs easy to follow along and is great at explaining how to make the hand and face gestures for each sign.

For those who personally do not mind their child(ren)using a tablet or phone, this complete video collection is also available for digital subscription.

At 2-years old, I say that Noah is trilingual. He speaks Spanish, English and very much ASL. His signing vocabulary is composed of well over 25 words and he’s still continuing to learn more.

Teaching him sign language has made our communication experience so much easier. If he can’t pronounce or say something by speaking, we can understand him through signs.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.”

Benjamin Franklin

2 thoughts on “From Incomplete YouTube Clips To The Full CD Collection:Teaching Noah ASL

  1. It’s so impressive that you are teaching your son a new language at such a young age, as well as learning sign language yourself! I think learning new languages is definitely beneficial to one’s education and learning skills.


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