Swarovski® Crystal Nike Shoes:DIY

Since I became a mom, I’ve realized that it is very difficult for me to splurge on myself. When I’m out shopping, I always drift into the toddler section and totally forget that the shopping trip was for me.

A few months ago as I was browsing on the Macy’s website and spotted a pair of Nike sneakers. They were $90, which was way over my usual budget but I really liked them so I made the purchase.

When they finally arrived two-three business days later, I fell in love with them even more but they were missing (something). I had already spent well over $100 on the shoes so there was no way I will spend an extra $100+ on customizing them with Swarovski®crystals so I turned to Pinterest for DIY ideas.

Nike Girls’ Air Max Thea Print Running Sneakers from Finish Line

So the tutorial I found called for:

  • Swarovski® flat back rhinestones
  • Jewel setter
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Orange stick
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Shoes(of course)

What I used:

  • 2 sets of 76 pieces each Swarovski®flat back rhinestones $9.99/each
  • E-6000 adhesive(CLEAR) $4.99
  • Emery board(nail file) $1
  • Small brush $1
  • Toothpick (Household item)
  • Shoes $90(before tax)

$avings Tips:

Each set of rhinestones is $9.99 but DO take advantage of the coupons that Michaels has to  offer. Sometimes they have a 40% off a single item or 50% a single item. Do not be afraid to ask your cashier for multiple transactions, usually, they’ll allow it and will allow you to use the same coupon multiple times. So instead of spending roughly $30 in material at Michaels, you will only spend $18 or so.



  1. Take your emery board and lightly file the Nike swoosh. This will roughen the surface and help the rhinestones set better.
  2. Make sure that your rhinestones are all facing up and ready to be picked up and placed.
  3. With a clean surface and no glue yet applied, set your first row of rhinestones to see which will fit perfectly where you are starting(Do note that the swoosh varies in dimension depending on shoe and size). I recommend starting from the thinnest part first.
  4. Squeeze a small amount of your E-6000 adhesive and spread with your brush.(You don’t want a large amount that will cluster in between your stones).
  5. Slightly dip your toothpick in the adhesive and begin picking up your rhinestones for application.
  6. Keep on repeating step #3 throughout.

Each Nike swoosh will use up approximately 50-55 rhinestones. I did not use any of the rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of my rhinestones at the end because the application went pretty smooth and not messy. If you find that your stones look dull, take a napkin with alcohol and lightly dab it over your rhinestones.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you leave them to dry for at least 24 hours.


I’ve worn this pair pretty heavily and Noah has tossed my shoes around multiple times. So far, I’ve only lost three rhinestones that I have easily gone pack and replaced.

Because one pair wasn’t enough, I went and bedazzled a second pair.

BTW: This pair was a lot cheaper because the shoe itself was only $39.99 at the Nike outlet.

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