Birthday Parties Are Overrated

This year, my son did not get a second birthday party and I don’t regret it one bit.

“He’s a little kid”

“They want presents”

“They want balloons and cake”

“They want to have fun”

Yeah yeah yeah, we heard all that from everyone who thought I would go all out like I did for his first birthday.

Trust me, I was highly tempted to throw Noah a Kidchella-like party like the one Kimye had for their daughter North on her first birthday. But I didn’t book the Ferris wheel on time. LOL!

Alright, the real reason is that we don’t have Kimye-money in our bank account.

After throwing his first party, I woke up the next morning not knowing where to begin cleaning. I stared at the pile of dirty dishes(even though we had disposable everything), the popped and deflated balloons all over our backyard and garbage overflowing the trash cans. So I looked at my husband and said, “No more parties from next year forward.”

He looked at me and laughed while saying “yeah right you’ll start planning it tomorrow.”

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Looking back at everything we spent, it added up to almost $2,000. But it was only a backyard birthday party! Well, the creative and over-the-top person that I am, I went all out trying to create a unique birthday party experience for the children that will be attending. Notice how I did not mention my son? Right, because ultimately, that birthday party was for the guests and not for him. We had the party two weeks shy of his first birthday and he didn’t start walking until a week after he turned one.

So parents, let’s be honest to ourselves, many birthday parties are for us rather than the child’s,especially the first and second birthday parties.

Us Mexicans have this tendency to have kid parties with more alcohol available than candy.


We spent almost $300 on beer for 100 guests, oh yeah, and $25 on Capris Sun juices for the kids.

I was super serious about not throwing a second party. When we received our income tax return in February, I took $1,500 and set them aside for what will be his second birthday, trip.

So believe it or not, we took those $1,500 and booked an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean.


YES! ALL-INCLUSIVE six-day trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


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So think about it, I say birthday parties are super overrated. Why throw a birthday party for others(not for your child)instead of taking a nice family vacation and explore other parts of the world.

Passport stamps and lifetime memories. 

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